3D, Video, Foto visual effects, photo edditing, illustration, sound

Foto visual effects, photomontage, photo edditing.
2D Animation, stopmotion, puppet animation, cutout animation, clayanimation(plasticine), gif.
3D modeling, graphic, animation.
Illustrations for texts, books, stories, music. Avatars, logos for blogs, forums, social networks and websites. Creating motion from foto.

Digital drawing by chosen script, and hand drawn image in different techniques(aquarelle, pastel, crayon, pencil).

Personal digital greeting cards - picture, animation(cartoon).
Video special effects, VFX, editing, sound effects, music for videos, background music, soundtracks, voice acting, sfx.

Page with gif animation

example of some video effects

Price depends from task.

ps:all depends from project interest, and collaboration

Offer, collaboration, feedback.



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